Garmin Connect Menstrual Cycle Tracking vs. Other Tracking Apps

More Than a Period Tracker

What makes menstrual cycle tracking in Garmin Connect better than other apps? Easy. We care about your health across the board, not just your period.

Garmin Connect is your one-stop shop for all your health and wellness data, and it got even better when we added menstrual cycle tracking. Now you can track your cycle, keep a daily log of how you feel physically and mentally, and so much more. And these details live right alongside other health monitoring features that keep you in tune with your body. Check out some of the features you get in Garmin Connect that you can’t get with other period trackers: 

Advanced Sleep Monitoring1

Your cycle can affect your sleep, and your sleep affects your overall well-being. Cramps before and during your period can make it difficult to sleep, and hormone changes during your luteal phase can lead to decreased REM sleep. In Garmin Connect, you can see a breakdown of light, deep and REM sleep stages each night. Keep track of your sleep patterns during your cycle using the Menstrual Cycle Tracking feature to see how it could be affecting your sleep.

Stress Tracking1

Did you know that excess stress can make your cramps worse? If your watch tracks stress levels, Garmin Connect can show you if you’re having a calm, balanced or stressful day. If your stress levels rise before or during your period, you can do a short breathing activity or go for a walk to calm down and even help reduce the effects of not-so-fun PMS symptoms.

Heart Rate1

Did you know that your resting heart rate can rise during and after ovulation? It is often an indicator of when you are most fertile. Keep an eye on your heart rate patterns in Garmin Connect using one of our wearables to monitor your heart rate 24/72 and keep notes on your heart rate patterns in the Menstrual Cycle Tracking feature to see how your heart rate changes coincide with your cycle.

These are just a few things you can keep track of in Garmin Connect to help fuel your fitness, reach your goals and get more insight into your menstrual cycle.

1Compatible device required
2Activity tracking accuracy