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Fly with Garmin Innovations — on Your Mobile Device

The Garmin Pilot app puts full-featured navigation — including our decades of experience with dynamic mapping, aviation weather, flight plan filing, synthetic vision1, logbooks and more — right at your fingertips.

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Mobile Devices

Clear Your Favorite Mobile Device for Takeoff

Available for both Android™ and Apple® mobile devices, Garmin Pilot can support your preferred choice of mobile device platforms2. Best of all, one subscription can cover up to three of your devices. Flying with an iPad® and Android smartphone? No problem with Garmin Pilot.

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Flight Planning

Flight Planning Has Never Been so Easy

With comprehensive weather data, maps, charts, NOTAMs, fuel prices and more — the Garmin Pilot app can make flight planning a breeze. Graphical weight and balance tools make it easy to ensure that your aircraft is loaded within limits. Aircraft data can be easily imported from our library of popular aircraft, or you can input data manually and share it with fellow pilots. Built-in calculators estimate fuel burn, en route legs, arrival times and other key data for your flight. When your preflight planning is complete, you can easily file your flight plan directly from the app. Garmin Pilot supports VFR flight plan filing globally and IFR flight plan filing in the U.S., Canada and Europe. Flight plans can also be filed via and seamlessly imported to Garmin Pilot.


Fly with the Precision of Garmin Navigation

Using your device’s built-in GPS receiver or another compatible GPS source, the Garmin Pilot app provides full en route navigation on the dynamic moving map or VFR/IFR charts. Our unique radial menu provides easy access to additional navigation information, including airport, airspace, navaid, weather, TFRs and more. Electronic checklists can also be viewed within Garmin Pilot and can be customized if your aircraft is not already in the checklist library. With a compatible weather/traffic source such as our GDL® 52 portable ADS-B receiver, Garmin Pilot can display SiriusXM® weather as well as ADS-B weather and traffic. ADS-B traffic display can be enhanced by our patented TargetTrend™ technology, which offers a faster, more intuitive way of judging aircraft trajectories and closure rates in relation to your aircraft's flight path. The airport environment is also easier to understand with SafeTaxi® diagrams overlaid on the moving map, including references to runways, taxiways, hangar locations and more.


Connect with Your Garmin Avionics

When connected with compatible Garmin avionics, the Garmin Pilot app uses our Connext® technology to seamlessly bring together flight information in ways you’ve only imagined. Flight plans are easily transferred between your avionics and mobile devices. Your compatible avionics can even share traffic, weather, GPS position and attitude information for viewing on the app. Need to update your avionics databases? Database Concierge within Garmin Pilot can automatically download and transfer the databases to your compatible avionics. Engine data from appropriately equipped avionics can also be streamed to Garmin Pilot in-flight, so you can review your engine’s performance anytime. Upon landing, flight and engine data is automatically transferred to Garmin Pilot then uploaded to the website for storage and postflight analysis.


Log Your Flights with Ease

Throughout your flight, Garmin Pilot automatically tracks key flight information such as times, aircraft, arrival/departure airports, landings, endorsements and more. Each entry can even include photos, remarks and more to help you remember your flight. The Garmin Pilot app also makes it easy to track currency and endorsements as well as review previous flights with custom reporting options. Best of all, this information automatically syncs with the cloud and is accessible across your devices with Garmin Pilot as well as

Start Flying with Garmin Pilot Today

Garmin continues to add more features and capabilities to the Garmin Pilot app, so it can serve as your all-in-one app from preflight to postflight. Ready to fly with Garmin Pilot? Get started by using the options below.

1 Requires Premium Upgrade Subscription
2 See system requirements to confirm compatibility. Features may vary by platform.
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