Unlock The Potential of Wearable Tech

Our O’Reilly book, “Wearable Programming for the Active Lifestyle: Using Garmin Connect IQ,” is here! Made for developers of all skill level, it’s full of industry insight, multiple projects and even a look into our platform’s future. Best of all, it’s free.

It is easy to get started and in this ebook, you will learn how to utilize the Connect IQ platform and Garmin wearables in real-world use cases. Connect IQ is an open platform to builc apps for the active lifestyle. With Connect IQ, you can build on the features that have become an integral part of many consumers’ active lifestyles. Learn how to design and develop the watch faces and data fields you want on your watch like the Liquid Crystal watch face Benjamin.serant created, or the Beers Earned data field that brewer_midwest developed!

The Wearable Programming for the Active Lifestyle ebook will cover the following 4 topics.

Developing for Wearbles: Wearables are the next frontier in digital experiences. Get to know the power and constraints that exist in the wearable world.

Wearable Development Projects: Explore 3 new Connect IQ development projects which will give you a jump start in developing your very own Connect IQ apps.

Big Data vs. µ Data: Learn how to leverage the power of micro data – the data about you vs. the power of big data through wearables and Connect IQ.

Our Wearable, Connected Future: This idea of wearable apps is still farily new. Join in exploring and defining this unchartered territory.

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