Turning Points – Ben True

We asked seven elite athletes the same five questions and are revealing their answers in our weekly Turning Points blog series. Check back in each week to see how each athlete deals with off days, trains with the Forerunner 735XT and embraces the turning point moments.

When you have an off day with training, how do you come back the next day?

Usually, an “off day” is due to fatigue.  Knowing this, and knowing it isn’t a reflection of failure is important. The best way to deal with an off day is to be honest with yourself.  Usually taking an easy day, or a rest day, is the best way to bounce back and get back to your normal self.

When a race doesn’t go as you wish, what do you tell yourself to get back on track?  
The key thing to figure out after a bad race is to reflect back on what caused it.  Did you do too much leading into the race (and therefore fatigued), did you do too little (and therefore not in the fitness you wished), or did something happen in the race that you didn’t handle well (tactical error, etc). Being able to analyze your performance and learn from your mistakes are the best way to find ways to improve for next time and continue to improve as an athlete.
What’s the most important part of racing/training to you? 
Seeing what I can accomplish and how far I can push myself and improve.  Getting the most out of myself on a given day, week, lifetime.
What advice would you give to other athletes who might be at their “turning point”? 
Remember why you are doing what you do.  Running should be fun and bring you joy. Try to get back to the basics and remember what got you into the sport in the first place. Usually taking some time to rest and recover are the best ways to find the motivation you need and rediscover the joy in running. You can only get the most out of yourself if you truly enjoy the process.
What  features on your Garmin do you appreciate the most when training? 
The most important aspects of my Garmin during training is my distance and pace. When I am doing a workout, I use it to help spur me on and train harder. While I am doing recovery jogs, I use it to hold myself back and make sure I’m allowing myself to fully recover and taking things easy.