Research Study to Explore Relationship Between Running and Gut Health

Anecdotally, running has been linked to a relatively high incidence of gut health issues. Some scientists have speculated that the jostling motion of running may contribute to these problems, but research has not yet confirmed or refuted this idea. To better understand the effects of running on gut health, the Human Performance Laboratory at Old Dominion University is conducting a virtual study on the relationships between runners’ torso movements and their corresponding gut perceptions.

Researchers are looking for study participants who are runners and who already own or have access to a Garmin heart rate monitor that tracks running dynamics data such as HRM-Run™, HRM-Pro™, or HRM-Tri™. After each run for a week, participants will take approximately five minutes to record information such as rating of perceived exertion, gut perceptions and Garmin running dynamics data. At the end of the week, each participant will complete an electronic survey that takes approximately five minutes. If you are interested in participating in the study, click here.

To be eligible, study participants must meet the following criteria:

The Human Performance Laboratory at Old Dominion University is dedicated to improving our understanding of the effects of exercise, nutrition and ergogenic aids on health and human performance. The lab is also used as a place to conduct research in the realms of exercise science, sport nutrition and wellness. The study is being conducted by Patrick Wilson, Ph.D., registered dietitian, associate professor at Old Dominion University and author of The Athlete’s Gut, along with Jaison Wynne, M.S., Ph.D., student at Old Dominion University.