How Much Do You Xert?

Have you ever wondered just how fit you are? Do you often ask yourself “Am I actually improving? What are my strengths and weaknesses? How am I doing right now in my workout?”

Xert, the new Connect IQ app helps you answer these questions by combining the data collected from your Garmin power meter together with a unique algorithm that determines how much power you have at any given moment. Your Maximal Power Available, or MPA, is interactively calculated based on data coming from your power meter. Based on your specific fitness signature Xert can determine various real-time values such as MPA, time-to-exhaustion, fat/carb utilization amongst other key performance and training indicators.

Garmin CIQ - All Apps Garmin CIQ - MPA with Breakthrough Xert Mobile

“Xert and Connect IQ are a perfect match,” said Armando Mastracci, founder of Baron Biosystems and developers of Xert. “Using Garmin’s Connect IQ SDK, we have been able to bring a variety of very unique and powerful capabilities to athletes’ bike computers that have never been available before. Athletes can now train and monitor their performance in real-time by using our derived metrics available as Edge Connect IQ data fields.”

If you’re looking to get deeper, essential insight on your fitness and performance in real-time, while you’re training and racing, go to the Connect IQ app store and download the Xert apps today.

Compatible devices:

Edge 1000

Edge 520

Edge Explore 1000

Edge 820

Edge Explore 820