BlueChart g2 Vision HD & Chartplotter Combo: $200 Mail-in Rebate

Customers who purchase a BlueChart g2 Vision HD card and a qualifying Garmin GPSMAP, echoMAP CHIRP or ECHOMAP Plus series chartplotter from May 1, 2018 through August 6, 2018, are eligible to receive $200 USD via mail-in rebate when using the official Garmin rebate form. Limit 1 rebate per customer. The product must be purchased in factory-new condition. All submissions must be postmarked by September 6, 2018.

Qualifying echoMAP and GPSMAP series:
• echoMAP CHIRP or ECHOMAP Plus 42cv/43cv/44cv/45cv
• echoMAP CHIRP 52cv/53cv/54cv/55cv
• ECHOMAP Plus 62cv/63cv/64cv/65cv
• echoMAP CHIRP or ECHOMAP Plus 72cv/73cv/74cv/75cv
• echoMAP CHIRP or ECHOMAP Plus 72sv/73sv/74sv/75sv
• echoMAP CHIRP or ECHOMAP Plus 92sv/93sv/94sv/95sv
• GPSMAP 721/721xs/741/741xs
• GPSMAP 722/722xs/742/742xs
• GPSMAP 820/820xs/840xs
• GPSMAP 922/922xs/942/942xs
• GPSMAP 1020/1020xs/1040xs
• GPSMAP 1022/1022xsv/1042xsv
• GPSMAP 1222/1222xsv/1242xsv
• GPSMAP 7407/7407xsv/7607/7607xsv
• GPSMAP 7408/7408xsv/7608/7608xsv
• GPSMAP 7410/7410xsv/7610/7610xsv
• GPSMAP 7412/7412xsv/7612/7612xsv
• GPSMAP 7416/7416xsv/7616/7616xsv
• GPSMAP 8417/8422/8424
• GPSMAP 8500/8530
• GPSMAP 8617/8622/8624

Please note: The preloaded map in the Garmin echoMAP CHIRP, ECHOMAP Plus or GPSMAP chartplotter device is not eligible for this rebate. To qualify for this rebate, the purchase of the accessory BlueChart g2 Vision HD card is required.

This offer is subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the rebate coupon. Visit the the following link: to access the rebate coupon online.

For any questions regarding this rebate, please contact [email protected].

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