Garmin and the Silver&Fit Program Encourage Exercise in Later Years

Whether pumping some serious iron or simply increasing your daily step count, regular physical activity is important at any age. In fact, the benefits that come from exercise — like reducing the risk of heart disease, managing blood sugar and insulin levels, and improving mental health — may be even more top-of-mind for seniors. It’s never too late to prioritize your fitness.

That’s why American Specialty Health created the Silver&Fit® program, a flexible fitness program designed specifically for eligible Medicare beneficiaries and group retirees. Members can craft an exercise routine that fits their own unique needs, complete with expert advice and classes at home, in a gym or both — whatever is most convenient for them.

Through the Silver&Fit program, members may receive:

To get started with the Silver&Fit program, you’ll first need to check your eligibility and, if eligible, determine which features your health plan offers. To check your eligibility, click here. Once you’ve created an account, you may be able to receive a Garmin vívofit® 4 fitness activity tracker at no cost — or that same value to put toward the purchase of a different Garmin wearable.

The public can also join the Silver&Fit community in free, daily workout classes designed for various fitness levels on Facebook Live and YouTube.

To learn more about the Silver&Fit program and the ways in which it’s making exercise more accessible to seniors, click here

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