King Air G1000 NXi Instrument Panel

It’s Our Mission to Help

In times of need, our products are pressed into service, supporting the dedicated men and women on the front lines of any catastrophe. They help provide operators with reliable navigation and communication devices to serve critical supply chains and medical infrastructure.

At Garmin we stand behind this mission and those who rely on our products and services every day.

Garmin-equipped Aircraft Transport Critical Supplies and Personnel

In Kansas the highway patrol transports essential supplies and samples via a G1000-equipped King Air in support of the state’s efforts against the novel coronavirus pandemic. Garmin provides critical flight information to the pilots so they can complete their missions safely and efficiently.

Video courtesy of Kansas Highway Patrol

We will continue this mission to help those in need during this crisis, providing our pilots and first responders with the Garmin technology they need to execute these life-saving missions. Visit the Garmin blog to read more of these stories.