Training Talk with Cannondale-Drapac’s Keith Flory

We had the chance to talk with Keith Flory, trainer and coach for Cannondale – Drapac Pro Cycling, and ask him how he utilizes and incorporates Garmin cycling products into his coaching program.

The features Flory employs during his day to day role varies on what he and his team are doing. For example, “when I am taking a rider out behind the scooter, I connect my Garmin Edge 820 with their power meter so I am able to keep a close eye on how hard they are working. When I am supporting the guys from a car at training camps, I use the GroupTrack feature to ensure I know exactly where they are,” said Flory.

He gets all the riders to use Garmin Connect, which provides an automatic update to their training partner, Training Peaks. Riders can upload their training sessions that have been built using the Workout Builder function in the Training Peaks app. “That has been a massive step for both athletes and trainer/coaches,” said Flory.  “This allows us to constantly keep track with how riders are progressing.”

Flory also noted that “as a trainer, looking at heart rate data in comparison to the power data is essential. Having access to both sets of data provides a whole new insight into performance of the rider.”

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