Garmin Tacx Trainer with App Screen

The New Tacx Training App with Streaming Tacx Films

The brand new Tacx Training app is live! Now you can stream our high-quality training films to all your compatible devices, including your smartphone, tablet and desktop. It comes with a completely new and intuitive design and is specially made for indoor cycling Tacx Smart trainers. Conquer the beautiful Alps while all your performance data is displayed on the screen, structure your own workouts, join a ride with live opponents, relive your outdoor tours with 3-D GPS map rides and more. Start your free trial now and become a better cyclist today!

Bring the Outdoors Indoors

We all like to ride outside and challenge ourselves on the road. Whether to climb faster on a steep mountain, improve the average speed on your favorite training route or beat the quickest time on that bridge near your house. All while enjoying the beautiful surroundings and discovering places you’ve never been. Unfortunately, for most of us, this is not possible due to weather or time constraints. No worries — we’ve got you covered with the Tacx Training app. No more “I can’t train” excuses if the weather gets too erratic; from now on, you never stop cycling!

Real-life Films with Road Feel

We’re talking about actual footage of the Alpe d’Huez, Col du Galibier, Passo dello Stelvio and many other legendary rides. The app has a library filled with more than 150 beautiful training films from all over the globe. While you see the route passing by on your screen, your Tacx Smart trainer simulates the gradient of the road. The very realistic high-quality films make you feel as if you are really riding outside in the Alps, the Pyrenees or another place in the world. New films are released regularly, so there are always new rides to explore.

For those of you who own a bike trainer from the NEO Smart series, the road feel feature is activated when you are riding on cobblestones, gravel or other unpaved roads. The same goes for the descent simulation feature that speeds up your NEO Smart trainer when you go downhill. How realistic do you want it to be?

Push Your Limits

You’re not only using this app to just enjoy the crystal-clear footage. You also want to train to get better and #PushYourLimits! To monitor your data, your speed, power, cadence and heart rate are all displayed on your screen during the training session. Clear graphics of the gradient of the road, the profile of the course and a GPS map help you to estimate how hard you have to push. After your indoor training session, the data is stored in the Tacx cloud website, where you can easily analyze your training. You can also opt to automatically upload your workouts to Strava to evaluate your results on that platform.

3-D GPS Rides

Do you want to relive your outdoor rides indoors too? Like the Grand Tour you did this year or that sunny trip on your holiday? No problem with the Tacx Training app — just import your favorite ride directly from Strava, Garmin Connect or your Edge cycling computer and off you go. Experience these GPS tracks in 3-D with Bing Maps on Windows 10 and Apple Maps on OSX, including the gradient of the actual route.

You can also select one of the many GPS rides uploaded by other users. Or you can create your own GPS ride with the Route Builder in Strava or with an online GPS ride creator. There are no boundaries on where you choose to train: The world is your playground.

Live Opponents

To make your training sessions even more challenging, you can compete with live opponents during your ride. Everybody who is riding the same course at the same time will appear on the map on your screen. Like real life, you will try to catch those who are in front of you. To figure out where you can find live opponents, just go to the selection screen of the Tacx Films. You’ll notice a live opponent badge on the relevant films. Or why not meet up online with some friends and try to beat them on the same course? There is also the option to select your previous rides and use them as a virtual training partner.

Structure Your Own Workouts

Do you want to train for a specific goal or focus on a certain workout? Then create your own workout on your tablet or desktop. Within a few clicks, you can create your training session based on slope, power or FTP. The ideal way to get your custom-made workout is from a block training with intervals to a steady climb workout or from training on certain power levels to your own FTP test. Not inspired to do this? There are many structured workouts created by Tacx you can choose from or just pick one of the workouts created by other users.

I Want This

To get the party started, we’re offering you a 10-day free trial. You get full access to all the premium features and enough time to test the app to the max. Simply create an account on and download the Tacx Training app for free in the app store for your compatible device. Then connect your Tacx Smart trainer via BLUETOOTH to your device, pick a Tacx Film and start your indoor training session. It is that easy, so have fun with it!

After your free trial period, you can get a yearly or monthly subscription.* You can choose from the standard Tacx Premium subscription with high-quality films (720p) or the Tacx Premium HD subscription with high-definition films (1080p). Check our website for more information on this app.

Click here for a free trial.

*If you already have a Tacx Premium account, you can use the app immediately.