Switch It Up With These 5 Workout Trends

Please enjoy the guest post written by Ambassador Kirsten Myers @wtfartlek. Check out more on her blog!

A new year always brings new fads, even in the fitness world. These trendy workouts are worth the hype, promise.

  1. Rowing: Indoor rowing is nothing new, but boutique studios are popping up all over the county and for good reason. It’s hard not to love this cardio workout that requires both upper and lower body strength. Rowing benefits include high calorie burn, low impact, cardio endurance and a full body workout. Expect a team environment + endurance sessions, intervals, ladders and sprints mixed with strength training off the mat. 

Where to try: LIT Method, CITYROW, Row House, Iron & Oar, GO Row 

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  1. Megaformer: If you think pilates reformer is hard, wait until you try the Megaformer. This machine is a supercharged reformer based on the Legree Fitness method. Developed by Sebastien Legree, the Megaformer offers many exercises, allows for quick transitions and is easy to use. The workout consists of slow and controlled movements. These super-slow movements work your slow-twitch muscle fibers and are designed to fatigue your muscles + make you shake. This workout increases stamina and oxygen capacity of your muscles, which allows the body to burn energy for longer periods of time. If that wasn’t enough, newer models have the ability to incline to further intensify the workout. Don’t let this machine intimidate you, it’s unlike anything you’ve ever done, but in the best way possible. 

Where to try: Body Lab, Lagree Fitness Studio, SLT, Body R+D, Studio 6, Carrie’s Pilates Plus 

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  1. Versa climber: This piece of fitness equipment is underrated and underestimated. While not widely known or used nowadays, the Versaclimber was actually invented in the 80’s but is picking up popularity again due to its cardio training power. How exactly? This machine mimics the natural motion of climbing. If you’re hunting for it at the gym, search for a 7-foot tall machine that sits on a 75-degree vertical rail with handles and pedals. To use the machine, get in an upright position by inserting your feet in the foot straps and grabbing on to the handles. Handles should be adjusted to fit your height. From there you can tweak stroke length, speed and resistance. The longer the stroke length and the faster the reps, the more work you’re doing. Moving requires reciprocal movement and coordination. When you move one arm up or down the opposite knee does the same. Incorporate that to the beat of high energy music and you’ve got yourself a killer workout. This full body workout is low impact and can burn nearly 23 calories per minute. It’s so intense that it only requires 20 or 30 minutes, which is perfect for people with busy schedules. 

Where to try: Rise Nation 

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  1. Treadmill-Based: When the weather is cold, it’s hard to get outdoors and go for a run. Furthermore, interval training and speed work take lots of motivation and dedication. Sometimes you need an audience or competition to put in the work. Added benefits to these indoor classes are that you get additional coaching, creative drills and form work. Some spots offer TrueForm or Curve (a non-motorized treadmill), which help prevent injury and perfect your form.

Where to try: Mile High Run Club, Speedplay, Orange Theory Fitness, Burn 60, Beyond 500, Tread, Shread 415

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  1. Hybrid Classes: These mixed format classes integrate multiple methods in to one class, which make getting bored nearly impossible. You’ll target numerous areas of your body and find combos like yoga + strength training, bootcamp style training that incorporate multiple types of machines, mixed format HIIT, boxing + pilates and more. Hybrid classes are one of the best ways to shock your body and see results.

Where to try: Barry’s Bootcamp, CorePower Yoga, YAS, Piloxing 

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