Igor Amorelli Gears Up for Wings For Life World Run

My name is Igor Amorelli, a Brazilian, and triathlete for the last 11 years. I started the sport after watching some friends competing an Ironman, and it was enough for me to buy a bike and beginning to train the day after. It’s my third year being part of Garmin’s team. I’m really proud to be part of a great and big company, and hope to continue many more years. The Wings For Life World Run is such an incredible race, First for being 100% dedicated to such a noble cause as the spinal chord research, and also for being a great confraternization of all of the athletes with many challenges and different goals.

The WFL is a great opportunity for the athletes to reach their goals, especially the long course ones. You can use the Pace Calculator on the website or app to set a goal, and base your training on that. Here in Brazil the race will take place in Brasilia. Usually the weather is pretty good at this time of the year, something around 20 to 26c, but sometimes it can be really dry (low humidity). The racecourse is mostly flat with some light, but long ups and downhill’s. I think the best advice for this race is to have fun, it is an incredible experience, and of course, run away from the chase car as long as you can!

Igor Amorelli

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