Cold Weather Running Essentials

We hope you enjoy the following guest post by Garmin Ambassador Bre_Fontaine.

Let’s talk about winter running. From the swag, drag, to the cold snow magic, we all have it one way or another. Running outdoors throughout this colder season can be intimidating and will take our breath away in varying degrees, literally. Coming from the state with the “Greatest Snow On Earth”, my home Utah, I’m sending some winter bravery tips and magic your way.

I live in Northern Utah and an often familiar winter run for me, will be an earlier morn, 10-32 degree Fahrenheit, on the road or a local trail run.  It ALWAYS takes some self talk, cause let’s be real, it’s freezing out there and it’s easy to make excuses and fight back. From quietly getting out of that warm bed, as not to wake the kids, to opening the front door and stepping out into the white, frosty world. For me, like most, once I’m out there, it always surprises me at how quickly my body warms up and I’m stoked for the adventure. I’ll pass glistening, frozen fields, fog blankets, and a waking range of orange mountains. It’s always there, that feeling of being so alive, healthy, and then those moments. The ones that kind of grab your soul, and shake you up a bit. Those are ones I never regret fighting for.

As mentioned, winter running can be intimidating, and usually because we think it’ll be too cold or sketchy to go out…. but when dressed right and finally out there, I promise, you’ll always finish feeling brave and privileged. Here are some winter wear details that have helped me to comfortably get out and live the frosty season to it’s fullest.

Starting with head and neck buffs, on down to added shoe traction, here’s a list of items to refresh, compare and add details to what’s working for you.

I also use added traction on the soles of my shoes for icy roads and of course snowy trails. There are many types, but a few winners to check out are Goathead Sole spikes, MICROspikes and Yaktrax. The Goathead are essentially little screws. I have them screwed into my older road shoes and use them for icy roads only.

The MICROspikes and Yaktrax are not so intrusive because you simply pull them on and off the bottoms of your shoes. I LOVE and highly recommend these for any winter trails. They have “running” models made specifically for the impact and the wear and tear they will sustain. I’ve ran/hiked 18+ snowy miles in the Yaks before with no pain, or trouble. They were gems for keeping me on my feet and moving over slick terrain.

So, whether you’re a Yeti, born in a snowstorm, or Bambi crashing on ice, I hope you thought of some new ideas to make this year’s winter running wicked awesome and safe!

See you out there!

Here’s a list of things other avid runners said they LOVED MOST about winter running. (Taken from comments on a post I wrote on 11/17/16)

The bright white silence

First footsteps

Feeling alive

My treadmill, I’m such a baby

The sweet sound of snow crunching

Passing holiday delivery trucks

Sparkling landscapes and decorated trees

Freshness and Yaktrax

Running while it’s snowing, something about the air is different

 Atlas Snowshoe -Run Speed series Garmin -Vivoactive fitness watch Yaktrax -Run Shoe traction Goat Head Sole spikes -3/8 inch