Nine Bass Fishing Tips

Whether he’s filming a fishing show at the lake or chasing whitetails in the woods, television host Wade Middleton is holds no secrets when it comes to sharing his passion for the outdoors. Remember these nine bass fishing tips from Wade the next time you’re out on the water and just can’t seem to get a bite!

Wade Middleton bass-fishing-tips

Follow these tips and the fish will come to you!

  1. Don’t ever forget – there is always a way to catch fish. You just have to figure out how to do it!
  2. Don’t forget to switch up your retrieve speed when fishing various moving baits to see which one triggers a bite.
  3. Fish with confidence and you’ll fish more thoroughly.
  4. Spend time practicing with your electronics to learn everything that you can about the features so you can maximize their capabilities.
  5. Trust your instincts. If your gut instinct is to fish that laydown 30 yards further down the bank before you run to your next spot, do it!
  6. Line size matters in how baits move in the water. Use whatever line gives your bait the best action.
  7. Not all fishing rods are created equally, so choose accordingly by fishing techniques to ensure the best performance.
  8. Pay attention to your sonar. It gives you insight to those little subtle things that are underwater that you can’t see.
  9. Using the right knot will not only give your baits better action, it will help you catch more fish. Learn to tie several key knots to ensure better bait performance and you’ll land more fish.

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