ActiveCaptain Community: A Boater’s Best Friend(s)

Ever find yourself wishing you had a larger boating network? Whether looking for insider reviews on the nearest marina’s menu or scoping out the best place to drop anchor, tapping into other boaters’ experiences on the water can make all the difference in your own. That’s where the ActiveCaptain® Community comes in.

With roughly 150,000 reviews and more coming in by the day, the ActiveCaptain Community grants access to peer-provided feedback about their surroundings. Whether on the water or off, you’ll have a one-stop shop for updated information about marinas, points of interest and hazards — making it that much easier to plan your next adventure.

Ready to check it out? Anyone can visit the ActiveCaptain Community online. You can even access the Community offline through the ActiveCaptain app and compatible Garmin chartplotters. Oh, and did we mention that creating an account is free? Click here join the ActiveCaptain Community or read below to learn more about what you can do with it.


Know it before you boat it. The ActiveCaptain Community makes it possible to familiarize yourself with a new area and map out your route — complete with stops and points of interest — before you ever hit the water. You can use ratings, reviews and user-submitted photos to determine where to get gas, grab some grub or launch off for the day.

On-the-water insight

The same tools you can use to plan your trip before setting out for the day are also available to you mid-trip. You can check on unmarked hazards or find a reputable repair shop in the event that something goes wrong.

No Wi-Fi®? No problem. While you don’t need a chartplotter to be a member of the ActiveCaptain Community, you can pair the ActiveCaptain app with your compatible Garmin chartplotter to access your feed right from the helm, where you’re getting the rest of your crucial boating information.

Leave your own feedback

The benefits of the ActiveCaptain Community don’t end with receiving feedback from others — you’re out on the water, too, and we’re guessing you have opinions of your own. If, for example, you notice one business in particular that always has great prices on gas, let your peers know. Like any other community, it works best when everyone participates!

Ready to get started? Learn more about the ActiveCaptain Community here.

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