Why Mark Rose Switched to Garmin

By: Mark Rose

Since 1999, FLW Tour veteran Mark Rose has amassed nearly $2 million in earnings and finished in the top-10 more than 30 times. In 2016, Mark decided to make a huge upgrade to his arsenal by switching to Garmin electronics.

The simple answer for the reason I switched to Garmin is because it’s the best. I didn’t just take this decision lightly. Quite a bit of research had to be done on my part because electronics are such a huge part of what I do.

Fishing has gone digital now. I stake my career on my electronics and I want to have the highest quality, most innovative and cutting edge products on my boat. I started playing around with the Garmin units and saw firsthand that Garmin does, without a doubt, make the most innovative electronics in the fishing industry.

Then I started dealing with the people at Garmin. The people there are just incredible to work with, which made it such an easy decision to switch.

Panoptix is the single most innovative piece of technology that I’ve seen come along in the fishing industry since side scan.

The way I see Panoptix benefiting me giving me the ability to see what is going on in front of my boat in real-time. Traditional 2D sonar is great and it’s nice to be able to see below your boat, but the bottom line is, you can spook fish by being on top of them.

The thing about Panoptix is that I’m able to sit back a cast length away and have my unit tell me everything that’s out there. It’s mind-blowing. I can see my bait, see how fish are reacting to the bait, and see fish before I even throw my bait out there. To watch that whole process happen live is just amazing.

With the quality people and quality electronics at Garmin, I feel right at home.

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