Five Bass Fishing New Year’s Resolutions

Mark Lassagne, owner of Bass Angler Magazine and professional bass fisherman, shared five things he’s going to work on as he begins the new year.

  1. Exercise every day I’m not on the water. I believe having the strength to stand on one foot and the ability to toss any bait all day long can make the difference in winning and losing.
  2. Study bass more in-depth.You’ve heard it before – “I’ve been fishing for 20 years and I know everything!” Well, I’ve been fishing for about that long and I learn something new every day. You have to keep learning to keep winning.
  3. Fish in the moment and don’t be too hardheaded.So many times we fail by trying to do the same thing as yesterday, or the same thing that I did when I won on this lake 10 years ago. It doesn’t always work! I’m working hard to just fish the way that feels best and to trust my instincts.
  4. Learn more about my electronics.Every year the Garmin line of marine electronics becomes more and more advanced because they listen to the needs of anglers and are committed to making the best units on the water. I’m working hard to utilize all of the new features and advancements on my Garmin units because there is no doubt that they will help me find and catch more fish.
  5. Spend more time on what matters.There are things that are important in life and in fishing, yet all too often we brush those off by doing the easy things and forget about the important ones.

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