VIRB 360 Tiny Planet

VIRB 360 update now including HyperFrame Director Mode & More

VIRB 360 received a pivotal update bringing greater creative control to the immersive 360 camera experience: HyperFrame Director Mode, RAW video stitching, and a wide range of new power tools for VIRB 360’s free VIRB Edit desktop editing software. The powerful new HyperFrame feature enables customers to create beautifully stabilized traditionally framed content out of their high quality spherical footage. The ability to re-frame content after filming – using smooth camera pans, incredibly wide angles, and even tiny planets will change the way customers choose to capture and share their content beyond VR. HyperFrame allows users to “stay in the moment” without having to consider where the camera needs to be pointed during filming. The best just got better.

Picture the ability to present traditional fixed-view content at 1080p and having the editing power to easily reframe angles that are impossible to achieve with traditional cameras – whether it’s a quick 360-degree turn to reveal the crowd surrounding a live concert, or zooming out of a shot with mind-bending angles to show off a set of snow-capped mountains in the backdrop. All this without losing camera stabilization – this is HyperFrame Director Mode.

“Recording in 360 is just the tip of the iceberg now. HyperFrame Director Mode puts users in the director’s chair and allows them to subtly merge VIRB 360 spherical footage into fixed-view content,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of global consumer sales. “With the new HyperFrame and RAW stitching capabilities, this puts VIRB 360 in a position second to none by bringing together premium features not seen in any other spherical camera on the market.”

With the update, VIRB Edit can now stitch RAW footage and provide smooth stabilization to content captured at 5.7K, eliminating the need for expensive third party software. Additionally, customers can now expand the range of their VIRB 360 camera with exciting new features – like long photo exposures, and new photo burst options.

The new updates further solidify the VIRB 360 as the premier spherical camera for customers craving a large amount of creative control, high quality content, and minimal effort. Even before this feature set upgrade, the VIRB 360 has been steadily catching the attention of numerous media publications for its best-in-class visuals, stunning stabilization and reliable ease of use.

To take advantage of these new features and update the VIRB 360 camera, download the latest version of VIRB Edit. For more information, visit