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Autonomi Smart Glide

Smart Glide™ Technology System Limitations

Smart Glide is an emergency assistance feature that provides the pilot with information during a loss of power emergency. This feature is intended to be used in emergency and training situations only. Smart Glide does not land the airplane and is not a substitute for proper planning and training. When able, Smart Glide technology directs the aircraft to a suitable airport nearby for landing based upon a variety of conditions, including, but not limited to, weather, distance from current position, terrain and runway type. The airport list for Smart Glide, which is subject to update at any time, is comprised of any suitable airports within an estimated glide range based on the manufacturer's published glide ratio and current aircraft glide performance. The airport list only contains airports that are found in the active navigation database. Smart Glide technology may not be able to locate an airport within glide range for aircraft that are flying at a low altitude and/or located in remote areas or over large bodies of water. Smart Glide is not available after takeoff before reaching 1000' above ground level and cannot be activated above 36,000' MSL. Smart Glide may not function without an adequate source of electrical power during a loss of engine power. Smart Glide also requires the Garmin avionics systems to be in operation for the feature to operate properly.