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Family on Tarmac with Aircraft

Autoland System Limitations

Autoland is designed to be used in emergency situations only and should not be used in nonemergency situations where the pilot is fully capable of landing the aircraft. Autoland directs the aircraft to a suitable airport nearby for landing based upon a variety of conditions, including, but not limited to, weather, terrain, approach, runway and aircraft suitability. The airport list for Autoland is comprised of any suitable airports within a 200 nautical mile radius, any airports the aircraft has passed since power on within 200 nautical miles and the destination airport in the flight plan when Autoland is activated. For aircraft that are located in remote areas or over large bodies of water, Autoland may not be able to land the aircraft due to these limitations. Autoland may not function if the aircraft is experiencing mechanical issues or fuel exhaustion, or if the flight controls are not able to move freely. Autoland also requires the Garmin avionics and AFCS systems to be operational for the feature to land the aircraft.

If you are a member of an aviation authority (FAA, EASA etc.), and would like more information related to airports in your region and their usage in Autoland, you may contact us by filling out this form.