Garmin Response

Get to Know Garmin Response℠ 

Perhaps you’ve educated yourself on how to trigger an SOS on an inReach® satellite communicatortested it on your device or even initiated it in an emergency. But have you ever wondered about the system for responding to those SOS triggers? Read on for a look at the inner workings of Garmin Response (formerly Garmin IERCC and the GEOS IERCC) and the people who are always available to help during challenging times.

What is Garmin Response?

Originally founded in 2007 and now owned by Garmin, Garmin Response is a leader in 24/7 emergency monitoring and incident response services. It is the nerve center for SOS dispatch efforts triggered by inReach-enabled devices and affiliated Satellite Emergency Notification Devices with active satellite service plans. 

The Garmin Response center employs a dedicated team of skilled emergency response coordinators ready at any time to respond to SOS triggers. Using a proprietary emergency monitoring platform, an emergency response coordinator answers the SOS activation and collaborates with multiple members of the Garmin Response team on rescue coordination to keep the process moving quickly. 

Garmin Response by the numbers:

Where is the Garmin Response team located?

Garmin Response is located in Montgomery, Texas, U.S. All SOS monitoring, communication and emergency response coordination are handled at this location. 

How does Garmin Response connect to rescue organizations?

Garmin Response maintains a global database of local first responders and emergency services. As soon as an SOS activation is received, the Garmin Response team pulls up the precise location of the SOS alert, a corresponding list of emergency response organizations for that area and a map overlay of agency jurisdictions. The Garmin Response team contacts the local organization and works with them to dispatch resources to the incident site as necessary. 

What happens when you trigger an SOS?

The process varies slightly depending on the emergency, device type and location, but in a matter of minutes the basic workflow is:

  1. The SOS alert, including exact GPS coordinates, is received by the Garmin Response team. 
  2. A team member starts the response coordination by acknowledging the SOS with a message back to the device and requests more information regarding the nature of the emergency. If the user is unable to respond, the team member continues the rescue coordination.
  3. Using the GPS coordinates automatically sent from the device, the team member consults the global first responder database to determine the local emergency service to contact and initiates communication with them. 
  4. The team maintains communication with the user via two-way messaging to gather information regarding the incident. 
  5. The team calls the emergency contacts listed in the user’s profile to inform them of the SOS and request additional information that might aid in the rescue. 
  6. If possible, the Garmin Response team connects the rescue agency directly to the user for communication via two-way messaging through their device.
  7. Throughout the entire process, Garmin Response will monitor the user’s location and send progress updates to the user and emergency contacts until the rescue is completed or canceled. 

Does SOS capability come with an inReach subscription? What about insurance?

SOS capability and access to Garmin Response are included with an active inReach satellite subscription. 

An inReach satellite subscription does not include additional insurance coverage or cover any possible costs incurred from an emergency response; however, additional Search and Rescue (SAR) insurance is available to purchase from Garmin. For more details on additional SAR insurance, visit SAR Insurance.

Why does Garmin have a dedicated emergency response team? 

Because every Garmin device with inReach technology is equipped with an SOS button, it is essential to provide effective emergency response and safety services for customers around the globe. Garmin Response has been focused on providing the highest quality of service to individuals in their time of need for more than 15 years. Team members know how to face the challenges of each unique incident with determination and compassion, providing world-class service and peace of mind to users and their loved ones when they need it the most. 

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