Connect IQ: Garmin Tides

Are you headed to the beach for your next adventure? Do you wonder if the tide is coming in or going out? Before you make for the coast be sure to download the Tides app, available through the Connect IG Store from Garmin. Tides gives you the ability to download current tide data and even store seven days worth of tide data all on your wrist. Tide data is available for offline viewing so you don’t have to risk carrying your phone during on-the-water activities.

Tides will default to current GPS position, but users have the opportunity to enter coordinates for a different location within the app. The app also gives users the ability to cycle through the tides changes of different days.

NOTE: The Tides app depends on an active connection to Garmin Connect Mobile to download tide data

The Connect IQ store is available on a wide range of Garmin products across all markets and each app, widget, watch face, and data field can be downloaded at no charge to the user. The Connect IQ Store can be found at or in the device tab of Garmin Connect. It can also be found in the device page of Garmin Express, or the More section of Garmin Connect Mobile. To learn more about developing a Connect IQ app, visit

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