Detecting Treasure While Cleaning the Earth

There is a new hobby on the rise within the outdoor community and it’s metal detecting! It consists of using a handheld unit with a sensor to sweep over the ground and find buried objects such as coins, gold jewelry, relics and even meteorites! This activity has gained more attention recently because of hit TV shows and the excitement surrounding treasure hunting. With popular metal detectors such as the Garrett AT Pro, more and more families are getting outdoors and making their own adventure together.

Not only is metal detecting just down right fun, it is also an environmentally friendly activity. While you traditionally think of metal detectors being a great way to find buried treasure, it’s also useful in finding trash people have littered. You can bring a trash bag with you while you are out to pick up the trash people have left in the environment and later recycle it.

Garmin GPS handhelds can also help when metal detecting in places that aren’t on the typical map. It can locate your position quickly and precisely to maintain your location in heavy cover. Whether you’re in deep woods or near tall buildings and trees, you can count on your Garmin GPS to help you find your way when you need it the most.

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