Connect IQ: Garmin Air

Tired of allergies flaring up on your adventures? Now with the help of the Connect IQ Store and the Garmin Air App, you can monitor the air around you straight from your wrist.

Garmin Air provides real-time air pollution and UV information from more than 4000 monitoring stations with air quality and 1500 monitoring stations with UV throughout China, Taiwan, Japan and the United States. The Garmin Connect Mobile application must be active on your connected mobile device. When indoors the last known GPS location is used.


  1. Real-time information: shows air quality and UV information from your nearest monitoring station.
  2. Intuitive display interface: it will change with air quality change. For example, the smiling face represents low air pollution and mask represents high air pollution.
  3. Healthy advice: Basic advice is given whether conditions are suitable for outdoor sports and if mask is need or not. It even provides the recommended protective measures you should take when you are indoors.
  4. Live monitoring of 6 key pollutants: track real time concentrations of PM2.5, PM10, O3, SO2, NO2 and CO.

Air quality information, keeps allergy and disease away.

The Connect IQ store is available on a wide range of Garmin products across all markets and each app, widget, watch face, and data field can be downloaded at no charge to the user. The Connect IQ Store can be found at or in the device tab of Garmin Connect. It can also be found in the device page of Garmin Express, or the More section of Garmin Connect Mobile. To learn more about developing a Connect IQ app, visit

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