Connect IQ: FUSION-Link Lite

Headed out to the water this weekend with your Fusion StereoActive? Well now you can take control of your entertainment with the free FUSION-Link Lite App from the Connect IQ Store. Garmin smartwatch owners can now enjoy wireless control to the StereoActive directly from your wrist.

The FUSION-Link Lite app can be used to control source selection, volume, and media selection. Follow these simple steps to connect your Garmin smartwatch to the FUSION StereoActive.

  1. Install the FUSION-Link app from the Connect IQ™ store onto the watch.
  2. On the stereo, press and hold the source button until you hear Discoverable. The stereo remains discoverable for two minutes.
  3. Bring the watch within 3 m (10 ft.) of the stereo. NOTE: Stay 10 m (33 ft.) away from other ANT devices while pairing.
  4. Open the FUSION-Link Lite app on the watch. The first time you open the app on the watch, the watch automatically pairs with and connects to the stereo. If you need to pair to another stereo, in the FUSION-Link app, select Settings then Pair new.
  5. Control the audio playback using the FUSION-Link Lite app on the watch. After the devices are paired, they connect automatically when they are turned on, within range, and the app is open on the watch.

The Connect IQ store is available on a wide range of Garmin products across all markets and each app, widget, watch face, and data field can be downloaded at no charge to the user. The Connect IQ Store can be found at or in the device tab of Garmin Connect. It can also be found in the device page of Garmin Express, or the More section of Garmin Connect Mobile. To learn more about developing a Connect IQ app, visit

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