Woman wearing a garmin watch with music.

Which Garmin Smartwatches Have Music Storage?

With the right Garmin smartwatch on your wrist, you can store hundreds of songs for phone-free listening while you’re on the move. Sync your own songs or connect to your premium Spotify®, Deezer and Amazon Music accounts to download your favorite playlists. Garmin has smartwatches with music storage for all types of watches, including everyday watches, running watches, workout watches, and more.

Garmin watches with music storage

fēnix® 7 Standard Edition

fēnix® 7 Solar Edition

fēnix® 7 Sapphire Solar Edition

fēnix® 7S Standard Edition

fēnix® 7S Solar Edition

fēnix® 7S Sapphire Solar Edition

fēnix® 7X Solar Edition

fēnix® 7X Sapphire Solar Edition


fēnix® 6 Pro and Sapphire Editions

fēnix® 6S Pro and Sapphire Editions

fēnix® 6X Pro and Sapphire Editions

fēnix® 6X Pro Solar Edition


Venu® 2

Venu® 2 Plus

Venu® 2S

Venu® Sq – Music Edition

vívoactive® 4

vívoactive® 4S

Legacy Saga Series Rey™

Legacy Saga Series Darth Vader™

Legacy Hero Series Captain Marvel

Legacy Hero Series First Avenger

Forerunner® 945

Forerunner® 945 LTE

Forerunner® 745

Forerunner® 645 Music

Forerunner® 245 Music

Forerunner® 255 Music

Forerunner® 255S Music

Forerunner® 955

Forerunner® 955 Solar

MARQ® Collection

tactix® Delta – Sapphire Edition

tactix® Delta – Solar Edition

tactix® Delta – Solar Edition with Ballistics

quatix® 6

quatix® 6 Titanium

quatix® 6X Solar

Descent™ Mk2

Descent™ Mk2S

Descent™ Mk2i

vívoactive® 4

vívoactive® 4S

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