Ride with Garmin in Zwift

Kick-start your indoor season with the Garmin Never Stop Cycling Tour. Whether you prefer tarmac, gravel, dirt or a time trial, we’ve got you covered in Zwift. Try all the disciplines at home without swapping bikesJoin now to unlock the unique Garmin kit and get the chance to win a signed pro team jersey! 

Start your indoor season with Zwift 
When the days are getting shorter and the weather more unappealing, you know it’s time to train indoors again. To get you up and running, we’ve created the Garmin Never Stop Cycling Tour on Zwift. This popular, feature-packed online platform brings amateur riders up close and personal with the riders of the pro peloton. With over 1 million registered users, it is part of a smart trainer revolution. Between relaxed group rides, individual or group workouts, and full-on racing, Zwift offers myriad realistic training and racing options for cyclists of all levels and budgets, anytime, day or night. And a big plus: You never have to clean your bike after a ride! 

What do I need? 
Zwift is available on almost any device and connects your smart bike trainer to your compatible computer, laptop, phone or tablet via ANT+ or BLUETOOTH® technology. While you pedal in your living room, shed or (wo)mancave, you’ll see your customizable avatar riding through the virtual worlds of Watopia, New York or London, for example. Because it interacts with your smart bike trainer, your power, cadence and speed are all shown on your screen. And when the road is going up, the resistance of your smart trainer will increase accordingly. But is goes even further; when you’re riding right behind someone else, you’ll notice the draft effect. In this way, you’re able to conserve energy, just like in real life.  

Zwift works best with an interactive smart trainer, but you can use a basic trainer as well. You’ll then need a cadence and speed sensor (sold separately) in order to connect with this platform. Please note that your ride won’t be interactive, so the resistance won’t be automatically adjusted.  

Oh, and besides a bike trainer, we strongly advise to bring a towel and water to your indoor session. And a fan for some cool air – you will sweat! 

Garmin Never Stop Cycling Tour 
Our Zwift tour offers four different types of cycling experiences and speaks to all cyclists, not just roadies. Therefore, each route is a signature course for its cycling category. And when you complete any single event, you’ll unlock the new Garmin Never Stop Riding kit. Woo-hoo! But there is more – join our social campaign too to get the chance to win a signed pro team jersey! 

Nov 9-11 – Stage 1: Road 
Course: Figure 8 – A Haven for Road Cyclists 

One of the most popular routes for road cyclists in Zwift: the Figure 8. This ride covers the entire route, in both directions. This is perfect for an hour-long cruise with some punchy climbs and a nice mix of flats and rollers.  

Nov 12-14 – Stage 2: Time Trial 
Course: Douce France – A Dream for TTs 

This route was created for the first-ever Virtual Tour de France and is perfect for fast TT efforts through the upper portion of Zwift’s France map. Without drafting enabled, this stage allows you to set your own pace and ride against the clock. 

Nov 15-17 – Stage 3: Gravel 
Course: Road to Ruins – A Gravel Rider’s Wonderland 

This is where you’ll get your gravel fix. The course is flat and has a solid mix of both tarmac and gravel. Feast your eyes during the ride while exploring a Mayan jungle complete with rope bridges, waterfalls and the ruins of a lost civilization.  

Nov 18-20 – Stage 4: MTB 
Course: Jungle Circuit – A Shredder’s Paradise 

This all-dirt route surrounded by lush vegetation and wildlife is used widely for MTB riders. Because you’ll notice more resistance on these muddy roads, we suggest swapping your bike. Virtually, that is. Oh, and don’t forget to switch on the road feel feature if you own a Tacx NEO Smart trainer for an immersive experience. 

We’d love to see you join these stages! Sign up today via this link. If you don’t have a Zwift account yet, you can try the 7-day free trial