Get More Out of Garmin Connect with New Badges to Earn

Get more out of your daily activity with new badges in Garmin Connect™! The new badges allow users to have fun competing with their connections and move forward with every new badge.

Some of the new badges include:

Double Duty: earned for recording two activities in one day

Shred the Gnar: earned for going on a mountain bike ride

Intense 150: earned by getting 150 intensity minutes in a day

Many of the new badges include multiple levels. This means that you continue to increase the levels every time you earn.

Some of our repeatable badges include:

Marathon: earned by running a marathon in a single activity

60-day Goal Getter: earned by hitting your daily steps goal 60 days in a row

And finally, some of our new badges are limited-time badges, only earned at certain times.

Some of our limited-time badges include:

Garmin Marathon: earned by running the Garmin Marathon on April 21, 2018

Strong Start: earned by recording an activity on New Year’s Day

As part of the new badge rollout, all Garmin Connect users will start at the same level and will get a new “Freebie” badge when they update. Users can begin earning right away. Update your Garmin Connect app today!

Stay tuned on our social channels (@Garmin) to find out about new badges added to Garmin Connect.