Garmin Opens Essential Building 3 Well-being Center and Café for Associates

Garmin continues to put its dedicated associates first with the opening of Building 3 Well-being Center and Café. Since Jan. 3, associates who operate out of our U.S. headquarters in Olathe, Kansas, have enjoyed the benefits of a state-of-the-art fitness center, multipurpose gymnasium and full-service cafeteria. Meanwhile, associates will begin officing out of the 488,000 square feet of office space and engineering facilities in February.

Take a virtual tour of the Well-being Center and Café

“The opening of the Well-being Center, Café and office spaces within Building 3 is a major milestone and an essential component to our future as we continue to put our greatest asset first—our people,” said Patrick Desbois, Executive Vice President of Operations. “This specific project was a long time coming, so to see the faces of our associates when experiencing this space for the first time has been extremely rewarding.”

The new Building 3 houses a spacious fitness center, a gymnasium utilized for basketball, pickleball, volleyball and futsal, full-service locker rooms, an expansive top-tier cafeteria and two well-being consulting rooms.

With qualified exercise professionals support staff on hand during core business hours, the Well-being Center – open 24/7 for associate-use only – possesses a cardio and strength-training space with multiple ellipticals, exercise bicycles, squat racks, free weights and two group exercise rooms. The consulting rooms are available for select well-being vendor appointments.

The Café features a diverse selection of cuisine options, gas-powered pizza oven, full salad bar, Starbucks, grab-and-go style café, collaboration spaces and more.

The Building 3 office and engineering facilities were repurposed from former warehouse space that includes 60 conference rooms, 12 break rooms, 11 mail, copy and recycle centers, plus collaboration and support spaces.