Garmin Connect Features You Should Know About

Garmin Connect is loaded with amazing features to help you beat yesterday with your compatible Garmin device. We want to tell you about some of our favorite features that you may have overlooked.

If you open Courses in Garmin Connect, you can create a course to download and use on your device. Or search public courses where you want to walk, run or ride.

BONUS: Creating a course earns you the Pathfinder Badge.

Track the lifespan of your favorite workout apparel and equipment in Garmin Connect. Select Gear in the main Garmin Connect menu, and you can add shoes and boots, bikes, golf clubs and more. You’ll earn the First Gear badge when you add your first item.

You can track the mileage of your gear and then retire your tried-and-true items once you’ve taken them to their limits. Retiring items earns you the Goodbye Old Friend Badge.

Customize Your Garmin Connect App
Did you know you can customize the bar at the bottom of the Garmin Connect app?

If you have an Apple product, find Edit at the top of the More menu and add or remove features you want to see in the bottom bar.

 If you’re an Android user, open the main menu, scroll all the way to the bottom — below Settings — and select Edit Tabs. From there you can edit what features appear in the bottom bar.

If you want to learn more about other features available in Garmin Connect, check out our Features page.