Vegas In 24

We checked in with Andy Funk, who is competing in the Vegas in 24 event on April 23.

Training has gone very well. As expected, there are always hiccups, unforeseen travel, illness, too much work, you name it. I have been pretty lucky though and have been able to follow my training plan for the most part. Even though I have technically been preparing for VI24 since the fall, my actual training program didn’t start until the Christmas holiday came around, and it is based on 4-months of structured training with 3 primary building blocks, a recovery week in between, and a 2-week taper at the very end.

As a triathlete, swimming and running continue to be part of my cross-training for VI24 since I do not want to lose my fitness in those disciplines while putting out a large number of hours on the bike in preparation for my event. I am now less than 5 weeks away and I feel more confident every day. I completed my first race of the season, a 200-miler with 9,500 feet of climbing, and I finished in 9:46 and broke the course record by 40 minutes. This was definitely a good confidence booster.

Ocean Run 3000-1685

Donations for the event keep on coming in, and we have lined up about a dozen sponsors in support of getting me to Vegas. It’s been a real joy to watch so many people and organizations getting behind this event. Media coverage and press interest is also getting higher and higher, and we have more than a dozen celebrities who will be supporting us actively on social media on April 23.

I have been using the Forerunner 920XT for all of my training and the watch is a dream (I could never go back to something else). I am also frequently using the VIRB to document training sessions and to dial in the position and fit for my new custom Speed Concept. The HRM-Tri heart rate monitor is also a dream since I can use it in the water, so that thing has become my best buddy as well. I love being able to see my heart rate after a swim to see how had I worked from a cardiovascular standpoint.

Garmin After Run 3000-1685

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