Keeping Your Routine on Lock

Establishing a good health routine is easy enough but maintaining one can be difficult. When faced with new norms that impact our everyday lives, the attention to our health routine can be the first thing to go.

This is understandable, but we urge you to pay close attention to your health and wellness. As always, we recommend you consult your physician before beginning any exercise or health regimen.

However, we do believe that now is the time to look after our own well-being. Below are some thought starters on how you can keep control over your daily health.

Go to Bed!

Getting adequate sleep is the absolute best thing you can do for yourself. It helps to support your immunity and is the best relief for stress. Remember, your Garmin device can help you track your sleeping habits and let you know if you are getting a good night’s rest. So what are some steps you can take to make sure you’re getting your daily dose of snoozes?

Staying Active

Whether your gym is closed or if you are prohibited from going outside, there are still ways you can move. Think about those astronauts who have spent months in a small space station or sailors confined to a ship. They still found ways to stay active, and you can too.

Eating and Drinking Right

Perhaps just as important as sleep, good nutrition is essential for maintaining your energy, immunity and overall health. Your body needs the right fuel.

Practicing Mindfulness

Being mindful of your stress and what your body needs is an essential and often overlooked method of maintaining healthy habits. Because a lot of us are stuck at home, our work/life balance might start to wobble a little. We might be focused too much on multitasking, keeping up with the news or even just taking on too many chores. If you ever start to feel overwhelmed, take a moment to just breathe.

Now is a great time to practice breathing exercises or even take up meditation. A lot of our wearables have fantastic options for breathing exercises that will help keep you centered and calm.

What Can You Control?

It’s easy to fixate on current events and issues that are beyond your control. While it’s of course important to stay informed, why focus your active mind on things you can’t change? Why not focus on what you do have control over?

Focusing your energy on accomplishable tasks will not only have a positive impact on your mental well-being but will also help you control your stress levels.

Creating a strong awareness of your mental and physical health is an ongoing task. It does take effort, but it offers so many rewards. A good health routine is a great way to start. So why not focus on your mind and body? Our wearables have advanced metrics and features to help you do just that.