How I Use My Garmin To Stay Injury Free

By Jess M., Garmin Ambassador
Featured image: Lucie Wicker Photography

Unfortunately, my endurance efforts came to a haltering stop in 2012.  I spread myself too thin while training for a half ironman and trying to accomplish way too much at work and with extracurriculars.  I ended up with a hip overuse problem that prevented me from running for about 3 years.

In the beginning, I found myself in tears because I missed running so much.  Eventually, I discovered yoga and other fitness classes.  However, I knew in the long run, I’d want to get back to running some day.  I went through a running gait retraining and learned how to run minimalist.  It doesn’t work for everyone, but it worked for me.  I dusted off my Garmin and ran my first half marathon back in 2015.  I planned my marathon comeback at Philly 2016 and just qualified for Boston with a 3:34:24.  My goal was to finish injury free and I exceeded expectations. With 2 more marathons after my comeback marathon, I’ve started to think about my dream goal…to get the men’s Boston Qualifying time of 3:05.  I am far from it, but still, am aiming for it.  I have been starting to use more features of my Garmin to help me work towards my goals.

Keep in mind…you don’t need to have all these bells and whistles to get to your running goals.  My full-time job is as an engineer and I love geeking out on data.  What are your favorite features of your Garmin that you use to keep you on track and motivated?