Tips From The Cycling Pros: Stay Safe With The Varia Rearview Radar

There is nothing quite like riding in the outdoors: the sights, the smells and the enjoyment of being on the open road. When you get ready to get on your bike, you put on the kit that’ll keep you comfortable and safe whether you’re riding to the shops or aiming for a gigantic 200-kilometer stage.

Any time that you’re outside, however, you’re at risk. You wear a helmet to stay safe, and for added protection, you can use safety lights. Garmin offers the Varia rearview radar and bicycle tail light, which integrate with your Edge cycling computer or watch. These devices can warn you of approaching vehicles from behind and provide awareness and peace of mind. The tail light offers daylight visibility up to a 1 mile away and is bright enough that drivers can see you well before the radar sees the vehicle.

It’s a great way to keep you safe in any condition by flashing and warning when a vehicle is approaching. Many of our professional cycling teams use it in their training to keeps their riders safe.

Sep Vanmarcke of EF Education First Pro Cycling reaches for the Varia when it’s cloudy. “On cloudy or rainy days, I always use it. People are always in a hurry these days, and on those gray days, they pay even less attention to cyclists,” he says. “Using it gives them a good warning that I’m there, and it makes me feel protected because I’m sure they see me.”

Movistar Team is a great supporter of the Varia. “Here in Spain, we train every day on the road even in the dark and rainy days of winter. Security is always our main concern. We put 100% of our efforts in the security of the riders,” they say. “This is why we use Varia radar to stay aware of our surroundings and to stay visible in traffic without having to look over our shoulder. Cyclists are the weakest part of the traffic, and the Varia rearview tail light is huge protection to advise drivers.”

“We put the Varia radar tail light on just like we put our helmets. On our outdoors rides, it gives peace of mind to concentrate on the training and to not worry about traffic. It also helps drivers because it makes us visible to them.”

Finally, Team Ineos is also a fan. A newly sponsored team on our roster this year, they used Garmin devices in the past and Wout Poels echoes the other teams. “Since this year, we’ve been using the Varia lights. You can connect it with your head unit and on the screen. You can see if there’s a car behind you and how far away it is. The lights are great to make sure we’re visible whilst we’re training through the winter months, or even just going through tunnels. It makes us feel safe on the bike,” he says.

So when you’re inspired to go out and ride in the afternoon after seeing our teams, remember, the Varia creates a safer riding environment. Have fun on your rides and know that we’ve got your back. And the pros agree.