Mind Over Matter

Hard work, training, and talent can only get you so far. Motivation, passion, and inspiration play a huge role in success in cycling. Check out what these riders ‘take’ with them on each ride and motivate them to keep pushing when times get tough.


What is the best advice a coach or trainers have given you throughout your career?

“Listen to your mind, body, and soul. Training plans are a loose guideline, which if followed to the n’th, will only break you. Enjoy the process and the form will come. – Nathan Haas, Dimension Data for Qhubeka


“In cycling is all about suffering. So, suffer, suffer, and suffer and you will succeed”

“You have to believe in yourself and your forces” – I was told this by my brother-in-law many times. He is my mental coach. – Michael Valgren, Astana Proteam


“‘Trust in the process.” – Jim Miller. I’ve learned about delayed gratification and the rewards of hard work. It has enabled me to push through the slumps without becoming discouraged.”  – Ben King, Dimension Data for Qhubeka



What inspires you when you’re competing?

“Winning. Honestly, it’s that simple. – Nathan Haas, Dimension Data for Qhubeka


“Winning. I want to win, that is the reason I am racing. That feeling when you go on the line is unbelievable. For me, when I win, I always try to win spectacularly. I am never just sitting on the wheel or whatever, I always try to do it in a spectacular manner. This motivates me. It is impossible to explain this feeling of win, it is different for every rider, but this inspires me the most. – Michael Valgren, Astana Proteam


“Relationships inspire me. When teammates become friends, it is easy to put aside suffering and get the best out of myself in support of them. My relationship with God also inspires me. The opportunities and physical ability I have had are a gift. I work very hard to take advantage of what I’ve been given. My faith also allows me to train and compete with freedom. As a cyclist I’m only as good as my last race. As a Christian my value lies in being loved by my creator and nothing I can do. I strive for excellence as a cyclist, not to earn love and value, but because I’m loved and valued.” – Ben King, Dimension Data for Qhubeka


“That instant where you feel nothing can happen to you and you feel you are a freaking fast and get a good result.” – Nico Lau, CUBE Action Team


“I‘m pretty goal driven. I like to set objectives from a ways out, make a plan, and see it through.” – Joe Dombrowski, Cannondale-Drapac Pro Cycling  



What is your favorite aspect of cycling?

“Getting outside and exploring the world with friends.  Because of cycling I have seen some of the most beautiful parts of the world, and met some great people.” – Mike Woods, Cannondale – Drapac Pro Cycling


There is no better feeling for me than when you’re on two wheels. That feeling of going fast and everything flowing together perfectly is just amazing. I chase that feeling every time I’m on any bike.” – Greg Callaghan, CUBE Action Team


Simply the ride… it provides me the amount of adrenaline I need and I would assume I’m addicted to it.” – Nico Lau, CUBE Action Team