Garmin Evolves its Sponsorship Commitment to Slipstream Sports and Extends its Technology into Pro Cycling


In 2007 Garmin entered professional cycling by partnering with Slipstream Sports with three key objectives:

After nine years as a proud title sponsor partner of Slipstream Sports, Garmin has exceeded those goals and will now move from the role of title sponsor to “technology sponsor” of Slipstream Sports.  The suite of technology offerings includes the Edge family of cycling computers, VIRB action cameras, Vector power pedals, Varia bike radars and smart lights, plus future cycling-centric innovations including optical and wrist-based technologies, all brought together through the Garmin Connect community portal.

Also, beginning in 2016, Garmin will support the needs of certain additional pro teams with Garmin’s leading cycling technology for racing and training; including Edge cycling computers, Varia bike radars, and VIRB action cameras.   

The change in sponsorship strategy evolves from the successful title partnership we’ve enjoyed with Slipstream Sports. We will continue to support Slipstream, its riders and its mission while at the same time make Garmin technology more widely available to the larger professional cycling community.