AccuWeather for Cyclists

The AccuWeather MinuteCast minute-by-minute app for Edge is the perfect tool for your active lifestyle, giving you the most accurate precipitation forecast while you ride. The AccuWeather MinuteCast app predicts start and end times for precipitation minute-by-minute for the next two hours, specific to a user’s exact street address. Data is refreshed every five minutes to provide users with the most relevant and accurate forecast possible. In addition to MinuteCast, cyclists will have access to an hourly forecast which includes current conditions such as temperature, RealFeel, and wind (mph), allowing them to continue to explore, and make the most of their day, every day.

What this means for cyclists:

Preparation is key when getting ready for a ride. To know exactly when rain, snow, or ice will start or stop, or how excessively windy the path a cyclist just turned down is becoming, makes all the difference in the world in knowing how to properly plan, and adjust a training session. With the AccuWeather MinuteCast app, cyclists will receive real-time precipitation forecasts on their Edge device, alerting them when nature decides to change its course.

The AccuWeather MinuteCast app for Edge can be downloaded here at the Garmin Connect IQ Store.