Quick Bass Fishing Tips with Garmin Pro Josh Bertrand

Here are six bass fishing tips that I hope will help you catch the lunker of a lifetime:

  1. Some of the most overlooked fish-holding spots on lakes around the country are boat ramps and marinas. These areas always hold shade, bait fish, and big bass. Some of the biggest fish I’ve caught in tournaments have been in and around marinas and boat launches.
  1. In bass fishing, it’s extremely important to be able to make accurate casts to shallow water targets. Bass are creatures that love to hang tight to shallow cover. To be accurate at all types of targets, it’s important to be able to cast on both right and left-handed angles. Practice your casting from both sides!
  1. Just like us as human beings, bass like to be comfortable in their environment. On warm sunny days, bass prefer to sit in cooler shady areas such as under boat docks and overhanging trees. On cold winter days, bass will seek out warmer targets to sit near, including shallow rocks and logs that retain heat from the sun.
  1. There is nothing better than fishing on an overcast summer day. The clouds will usually keep the bass from sitting close to the heavy cover. I use a fast moving lure like a spinnerbait and cover lots of water on days like this.
  1. When selecting a color for your soft plastic bait, use the sun to help you decide. In lowlight conditions with a low sun, darker colors will produce more bass. When the sun is high at midday, choose a natural color, as the fish will see it more clearly with the sunlight penetrating.
  1. When you catch a bass from a piece of cover such as a log, don’t be afraid to make another cast to the exact same spot. There will sometimes be several active fish on that one log.

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