Pioneering ADS-B Solutions

For years, we have been at the forefront of the design, development and manufacture of many of the industry’s most innovative ADS-B solutions. Find out where we got our start in ADS-B, along with many of the advanced features we created along the way.


Learn more about why we developed TerminalTraffic technology, which alerts pilots to potential traffic conflicts in the airport environment. And, see how we adapted it to the unique operating capabilities of helicopters, too.

AutoSquawk Technology

See how our patented AutoSquawk technology allows our GDL 84 and GDL 88 ADS-B transceivers, and GDL 82 datalink to read the squawk code from the aircraft’s transponder and relay it to ATC — requiring no extra steps from the pilot and no extensive modifications to the aircraft’s panel.

TargetTrend Technology

Learn about how we developed TargetTrend relative-motion technology, an advanced feature that has changed the way pilots see traffic in busy airspace. With it, they’re better able to focus on the most likely relative threats, with real-time indications of where those aircraft will be in the future, and maintain a safer operating environment.

Why Garmin?

At Garmin, we’re pilots too, and that drives us to develop innovative solutions for your airplane. Hear how our passion for flight helps us bring new, powerfully integrated solutions to you.

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