All-In-One Products Are Great, ADS-B Should Be No Exception

As a society, we love all-in-one products, they offer an unmatched level of convenience. All-in-one computers, they eliminate the web of cables running from one component to another. All-inclusive resorts, they bundle food, entertainment and lodging into a vacation “one stop shop.” So why should a cockpit tool be any different? Our GTX 345 all-in-one ADS-B transponder combines the convenience of a single Mode S Extended Squitter transponder solution with connectivity and features to keep you alert to weather and traffic along with built-in AHRS and optional built-in GPS information.

The convenience factor begins at the installation stage for the GTX 345. With a similar footprint to older transponders in the fleet (6.625-inches x 1.65-inches), the GTX 345 allows easy drop-in replacement without having to make major modifications to the instrument panel. Also, as an all-in-one unit, it doesn’t require a separate controller head for inputting squawk codes directly to an ADS-B transceiver. Simply a single squawk code entry into the transponder will communicate TIS-B information to surrounding traffic and air traffic control. The fact that this is an all-in-one solution not only cuts down on installation costs, but eliminates an added task for the pilot of entering a squawk code on 2 separate units. A remote version of the transponder is also available, the GTX 345R, affording even greater installation flexibility – with direct connection capability with many of our existing products including GTN 650/750 and select G1000 integrated flight decks.

GTX 345

The next convenient feature of GTX 345 lies in its expanded cockpit connectivity options. Both the panel mounted, and remote versions of the all-in-one ADS-B transponder have the ability to connect with many of our existing products, including the GTN touchscreen series, GNS series, select G1000 integrated flight decks, aera 660, aera 796/795, and compatible iOS and Android devices via Garmin Pilot. With so many options, pilots can rest assured that getting ADS-B subscription free weather and traffic information will be easier than ever before. GTX 345 also features built-in AHRS that can be displayed on connected Garmin Pilot device and an optional GPS source provides tablets with accurate location information.

We’re all aware of the rapidly approaching ADS-B deadline, now you have a convenient route to equip. An all-in-one solution gives pilots and aircraft owners the best of both worlds – an easy, cost effective path to become ADS-B compliant, while still reaping the benefits of added cockpit awareness with weather and traffic, built-in AHRS and GPS information. To learn more about our GTX 345 series of all-in-one ADS-B transponders, visit our website.