New Features for Safety Management System and FltLogic Scheduling Program

We’ve added several new features within the Safety Management System (SMS) and FltLogic flight scheduling program. has partnered with the Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) to enable SMS subscribers who are ACSF members, to voluntarily file Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) reports with the FAA. This integration further facilitates a proactive approach to self-reporting, while also identifying areas within a flight department where operational improvement is needed. Additionally, several new enhancements have been made to the FltLogic flight scheduling program that streamlines the user interface and allow users to see more information at-a-glance.

Flight departments can easily identify, track and mitigate risks using’s Safety Management System and ACSF ASAP participants can now utilize it to submit ASAP reports to the FAA. The FAA’s Aviation Safety Action Program focuses on the voluntary reporting of issues related to noncompliance and/or safety. The voluntary nature of this initiative encourages compliance with FAA regulations, while also fostering safe operating practices and promoting the development of proper internal evaluation programs that have a long-term impact on the safety of an operator and their organization.

Pilots can take advantage of the latest version of the Safety Management System via the website. Participation in the ASAP program through requires advanced registration with the Air Charter Safety Foundation.

Several new features have also been added to FltLogic, a comprehensive flight scheduling program that can be utilized within flight departments starting at the initial trip request phase through post flight analysis.  

These new features include:

These new features within and FltLogic are available immediately. For additional information, visit: and