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As we head deeper into the heart of winter, many aircraft owners and operators may be making plans to head south in search of warmer climates. For those planning to fly south to Mexico, Central America or the Caribbean, our recent integration with can make your flight experience more convenient. Modern flight planning features include advanced passenger information services, professional International Handling and more – a one stop shop designed to ease the burdens of getting to your international destination.

United States eAPIS Service

The U.S. Customs & Border Protection requires all general aviation pilots departing from or arriving in the United States to provide pilot information, aircraft information, and a passenger manifest at least 60 minutes prior to departure. With FltPlan, pilots can conveniently fulfill these eAPIS (electronic advance passenger information system) requirements. With FltPlan’s US eAPIS service, manifest submissions are very convenient with a system that is certified for flights under Part 91, 135, and 121. features electronic APIS services.

Mexican APIS Manifest Submission Service

Flights crossing the U.S.-Mexican border are required to submit Advanced Passenger Information Service to the Mexican government before every flight entering or exiting Mexico. Unfortunately, failure to comply with these regulations could result in fines of up to $5,000 (US) per day. These services within are approved by the Mexican government and meet Mexican entry/exit requirements, using an electronic data interchange system approved by the Mexican National Immigration Institute. The FltPlan team offers a dedicated, 24-hour phone line, so after you create your manifest, just call and we will submit it for you!

Caribbean APIS Service

FltPlan can also support flights to and from the Caribbean. FltPlan’s CARICOM system meets the Caribbean entry/exit requirements and uses an approved electronic data interchange system. If you’re flying to or from the U.S. and arriving to or departing from a country in the Caribbean that requires CARICOM, your U.S. eAPIS manifest will be automatically submitted to fulfill the CARICOM requirements. For additional information about which Caribbean countries require CARICOM or intra-Caribbean flights, visit our website. 

International Handling and Clearances

We also offer professional international handling for Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean with FltPlan. Take advantage of not only our APIS services, and also take care of any airspace fees, overflight and landing permits, aeronautical planning to identify preferred routes, recommended airports of landing and more. Then, breeze through arrival formalities with ground handling services that pay all local fees, arrange lodging and transportation for the crew. Then, with our U.S. Customs & Border Protection Overflight Exemptions service, fly directly to your destination in the U.S. without having to stop at the border first. If you are a charter operator, FltPlan can help ensure that you are in compliance with local laws and regulation when operating flights to and from other countries.

International flight planning is convenient within

For more information about these flight planning services, and to learn how it can make flying to Mexico, Central America or the Caribbean from the U.S. more convenient, visit