Keeping An Eye On The Weather

The sky is big place. At any given moment, there are not only thousands of aircraft taking up this space, but also many different variations of weather cells that can build or dissipate at the blink of an eye. As pilots, we know that weather could potentially be a dangerous perpetrator. Regardless of the size or speed of airplane you fly, our extensive line of weather products can help keep you in the know to how weather around you is constantly changing.

Starting at the smaller end of the airplane spectrum, the bugsmashers if you will, we offer several options that fit the bill. First, our GDL 39 and GDL 39 3D ADS-B receivers provide subscription free FIS-B weather information when connected to a compatible tablet using Garmin Pilot on iOS or Android, or the aera 795/796 and aera 660 aviation portables (also the GPSMAP 695/696, aera 500 series, G3X/G3X Touch). For those pilots wanting satellite weather, and don’t mind paying a subscription, our GXM 42 weather receiver provides SiriusXM weather and satellite radio when linked to the aera 510, 560, 796 or GPSMAP 696.

Weather GDL 39

For the mid-size airplanes, including high-performance singles and light twins – those not quite big enough for onboard weather radar – we have options to fit your needs as well. Again, those operators who are looking for subscription-free weather, the GDL 88 Universal Access Transceiver displays FIS-B weather on G500/G600 Flight Displays, GTN 750/650 series and GNS 430W/530W series navigators and select G1000 Integrated Flight Decks. Our new GTX 345 series all-in-one ADS-B transponder will also display free FIS-B weather on select G1000 aircraft, GTN 750/650 series, GNS 430W/530W, aera 796 and aera 660 as well as compatible tablets using Garmin Pilot and ForeFlight Mobile. If you’re a pilot who prefers satellite weather, our GDL 69 and GDL 69A (with satellite music) will display detailed subscription based SiriusXM satellite weather on GNS series navigators, GTN 750/650 series, G1000, G900X, G600, G500, G500H and GMX 200.

Weather FB TW

For the bigger birds, we offer an all-in-one antenna/receiver/transmitter in our GWX 68 that provides 4-color storm cell tracking to the GMX 200, GTN 750, G600, G900X or G1000. Also, our GWX 70 and GWX 70H (for helicopters) brings the latest weather information and Doppler features to aircraft equipped with GTN 750, G500/G600, G1000, GMX 200. And lastly, the GSR 56 satellite communication device allows access to on-demand global weather information and more through the Iridium satellite network. Conveniently track weather in full color on our Integrated Flight Displays including the G5000, G3000, G2000, and G1000 plus our G600/G500/G500H flight displays and GTN series avionics.

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