Fan-favorite Garmin Pilot Features

Recently we asked @GarminAviation social media followers to weigh in on their favorite Garmin Pilot™ features, and the results are in. Your answers were as varied as the feature list is long, which isn’t at all surprising. Between all the flight planning, digital charts and situational awareness tools available on both the standard and premium plans, you have a lot to choose from when attempting to name just one feature as your favorite.

There were a few common themes among your answers, though, and we decided to share those with you. Is your favorite feature listed here? If not, let us know at @GarminAviation.

1. Apple® and Android™ Compatibility

Unfortunately, it’s not always a given that your cockpit solutions will be compatible with whatever operating system you choose to operate on your mobile devices. But with Garmin Pilot, your device will be ready to fly regardless of whether you prefer iOS or Android.

2. Avionics Connectivity Tools

One of the biggest advantages of choosing Garmin for your avionics solutions is that many of our products integrate directly with Garmin Pilot — so whether we’re talking about engine indication systems or Flight Stream 510 with database concierge, you can rest assured that wireless connectivity will be seamless.  

3. Automatic Logbook

Garmin Pilot will automatically generate logbook entries, support manual entries, track flight currency information, support endorsements, generate reports and seamlessly integrate with flyGarmin®.

4. Weather

With real-time radar and satellite imagery, lightning updates, icing forecasts and more, you’ll be prepared to navigate whatever the day’s weather decides to throw at you, as long as you’ve got an internet connection or a compatible datalink. One Instagram user wrote that it “saves my buns” — we concur.

5. Fuel Information

Fuel is not something you want to be guessing about — which is why so many of you love the Garmin Pilot fuel-planning tools with features such as estimated fuel required and fuel remaining at waypoint.

When it comes to Garmin Pilot, there’s a lot to love — but every list has to end somewhere, right? To learn more about the features everyone’s raving about, click here.

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