FAA ADS-B Rebate Incentive Program to Launch September 19

Earlier this year, the Federal Aviation Administration announced an incentive program that would allow aircraft owners to receive a $500 rebate upon successful completion of ADS-B installation. Today, the FAA showed their continued dedication to the NextGen airspace initiative by announcing the General Aviation ADS-B Rebate Program, which officially goes live Monday, September 19th. So what does this mean for aircraft owners and pilots who fly in the United States? It means that now is the time to reserve a spot at your local authorized dealer for installation of a Garmin ADS-B solution!

Wondering if you’re eligible for the $500 ADS-B rebate? Easy – if your aircraft is registered in the United States (before January 1, 2016), is a fixed-wing, single-engine piston aircraft whose operation requires an onboard pilot and has not already been ADS-B equipped – you qualify! Next, you’ll need to decide which ADS-B solution is right for you and you guessed it, we can definitely help you with that. Do you have an antiquated transponder that needs to be replaced? Check out our GTX 345 series of all-in-one ADS-B transponders. This series include panel-mounted or remote-mounted options as well as ADS-B “In” plus “Out” or simply ADS-B “Out” solutions. If you’ve recently installed a transponder that doesn’t include ADS-B capabilities we’ve got you covered, too. Check out our GDL 88 and GDL 84 series of dual-link universal access transceivers, which are installed remotely in your aircraft and use our patented AutoSquawk technology to communicate with most transponders without requiring an upgrade.

GTX 345

GTX 345 all-in-one ADS-B transponder.

Now you’re probably asking yourself, “How do I take advantage of this rebate before it’s too late?” In this case, timing is of the essence, because the FAA is only offering 20,000 rebates on a first-come, first-serve basis. To sign-up for the General Aviation ADS-B rebate program, visit the FAA website. Also be sure to contact our ADS-B experts at 1-844-GET-ADSB or [email protected] to help determine your ideal Garmin solution. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for all the latest aviation product announcements, news and stories.