Connect IQ – Hiker App

There are no shortcuts to any place worth going, but there are certainly tools that can assist you along the way. With the help of the Connect IQ Store and the Hiker app created by JohnD25, you can gear up and modify your Garmin watch with this easy to use hiking app.

The Hiker app is designed for walking or scrambling outdoors and captures hiking data using the standard Garmin activities, which can be uploaded via Garmin Connect. The main screen shows a clock, timer, and four customizable data fields; distance, steps, ascent, current heading, heart rate, altitude and pace. If a compass is present in the watch then the heading will display the current heading, otherwise it will display the direction of travel from the GPS trace.


The Hiker app also features a number of graph screens logging elevation, pressure, temperature (Using the Garmin Tempe temperature sensor) and heart rate. These screens will give you a timeline over the last 4 hours. The heart rate and elevation graphs are updated every 2 minutes and the pressure and temperature graphs are updated every 4 minutes. Various statistics are shown below each graph.

The last screen displays a trail as representation of the path walked. A data point is logged every 2 minutes when there’s a good GPS signal. The start is represented by a green square and the current position is a red cross. Below the trail is the last known good position in degrees, minutes and seconds.


The Hiker app is just one of many beneficial apps on the connect IQ Store and we hope that this app will inspire others to get outside and hit the trails with Garmin. Are you interested in building something with us? Connect IQ is our first-ever open platform for third-party developers to create apps for our products. Get the Connect IQ SDK now to start building apps for our wearable devices.

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