Ambassador Stories: Randy Gordon

Living the life you’ve always imagined starts with walking confidently in the direction of your dreams, and for the last two years Randy Gordon has done just that. After finishing with school and collegiate athletics, Randy began to look for something to fill his competitive void and hiking became a way to challenge himself to grow physically and emotionally. Randy Gordon is adamantly pursing a life of adventure and we are proud to have him as an ambassador.

Randy is 23 years-old and was born and raised in Marysville, WA, just north of downtown Seattle where he resides today. When he first picked up a DSLR two years ago, he quickly found that he fell in love with capturing his adventures and learning about photography. The feelings felt on these adventures could now last forever with every image he snapped.

“A lot of the times, people become too focused on capturing the perfect shot. The truth is, any photo that an individual personally likes is already the perfect shot.”

Boulder River 4

Randy isn’t just an outdoorsman, he’s an avid fitness enthusiast. He weight trains and works on cardiovascular endurance 6-7 days a week. While training lower body, he emphasizes movements that will specifically help him outdoors. As far as endurance training goes, he’s spending a majority of his time doing high intensity interval training either on a Stairmaster or an inclined treadmill to simulate his hiking.

Randy’s fēnix 3 has become an essential piece with all aspects of his adventurous life. Whether it is on the trail, in the gym, or in the office, it’s become an everyday tool that he relies on.


“The tracking GPS and TracBack mode have added a whole new level of reassurance when venturing to new, off the grid places. Being able to check the Connect IQ map and see the direct route I had taken on a hike allows me to share with others how to get to specific locations. In addition, it has created a whole new sense of style to my everyday wear.”

This season, Randy has compiled a list of numerous trips where he will be backpacking and hiking overnighters into various locations throughout the Cascade Mountains in Washington State. The thought of adventuring to places like Upper and Lower Lyman Lakes in the Glacier Peak Wilderness and summiting Mount Daniel in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness have had him excited for quite some time.

Randy’s favorite location to hike is Alpine Lakes Wilderness in the Central Cascades. He encourages anyone and everyone to get out and safely explore the unknown with Garmin products. Check out Randy Gordon’s beautiful outdoor photography here and don’t forget to share with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and use #HaveNoLimits.