Adventuring with Randy Gordon and Oregon 750t

Randy Gordon is in pursuit of a life of adventure and we are proud to have him as an ambassador. In the previous months, he has been spending most his time traveling and planning trips for the upcoming spring and summer. This past winter he’s traveled to the coast of England, the Highlands of Scotland, and regularly explored the Pacific Northwest.

On the first day of spring, he headed away from the snowy summits of the Cascades to the Olympic Peninsula, where he quickly climbed Mount Storm King. It was a beautiful entrance into the new season as the sun was shining and rays of light were cast over the blue hues of Lake Crescent below. It was a delightful sight as excitement is rising for the warmer weather that is on the way.

Soon, he’ll be heading to Yosemite for a few days with a goal to summit over 25 peaks in Washington state this season. On trips like this, the Oregon 750t is a tool that never leaves Randy’s pack.

“The ability to pinpoint location, route-plan, and track my adventures are highly advantageous in ensuring the success of some of my more challenging outings. The access I have to a wide range of information in the backcountry on the device is unparalleled to any other device on the market. It’s awesome to have such a large screen, allowing great ease while studying the map, weather patterns, etc. Having a flashlight and camera on such a device is an incredible bonus feature as well.”

Randy has also customized his Oregon’s display with free app downloads, widgets and data fields from the Garmin Connect IQ™ online store.

“My favorite app that I have downloaded is the sky watch app. The stars have always fascinated me and it’s incredible be able to point the system towards the direction of certain stars and planets and know exactly what you are looking at. “

Randy has an exciting, adventure-filled year ahead. He encourages anyone and everyone to get out and safely explore the unknown with Garmin products. Check out Randy Gordon’s beautiful outdoor photography and don’t forget to share with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and use #HaveNoLimits.