Telemedicine Solutions for Remote Patient Monitoring and Care Management with Garmin and Qurasoft

Qurasoft, a leading software company specialising in remote patient monitoring, is stepping into the future of health care by combining its SaniQ application with Garmin health metrics. Using the Garmin Health Standard SDK to communicate data from Garmin wearables to the application, patients consent to sharing their data, which is collected and reviewed by patients and their health care team. The aim of the collaboration is to build a digital bridge between patients and medical staff.

Digitised Health Care

Founded in 2015 and based in Koblenz, Germany, Qurasoft helps improve chronically ill patients’ quality of life by creating innovative telemedicine solutions. The SaniQ digital health diary is designed for people who suffer from chronic lung or cardiovascular diseases or infection, supporting them through the acute/chronic phase of the illness and aftercare. The application allows self-monitoring and care management by patients, real-time monitoring by a healthcare team and allows smoother communication of a patient’s status between health care providers.

Garmin’s Role in Remote Monitoring

The Garmin fitness tracker vívosmart® 4 and the GPS smartwatch Venu® Sq are being used in conjunction with the SaniQ application. Because the wearables sync automatically with the application via the Garmin Health Standard SDK, there is no need for patients to enter data manually.

“Garmin is a reliable [collaborator] and a constant in the international wearable market. The Garmin brand combines health and lifestyle in modern devices. The operation of the devices is simple and intuitive.” – Erwin Junker, managing director of Qurasoft

The “Telementor” project currently being supported by Qurasoft focuses on the lung disease COPD and aims to implement an early warning system that can potentially detect health deterioration and reduce hospitalizations. More than 500 patients will be monitored by the end of 2024, using a Garmin Venu® Sq device to collect data on oxygen saturation1, pulse, steps, and respiration rate2. Another project, Reload_Schönklinik, aims to help long-term COVID patients overcome symptoms in their daily lives by monitoring and documenting vital signs such as respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, pulse and heart rate variability.

Data security is of particular importance — Qurasoft software is developed in accordance with the currently applicable German and European data protection guidelines. The recorded health data belong solely to the patient, who can share the data with his or her attending physician but is not obliged to do so.

The Future of Telemedicine

In addition to the ongoing projects mentioned above, the collaboration between Qurasoft and Garmin will continue in the future with the addition of the Garmin vívosmart® 5 fitness tracker to the devices available for a variety of patient monitoring projects.

1 This is not a medical device and is not intended for use in the diagnosis or monitoring of any medical condition; see Pulse Ox not available in all countries.

2 See